Summer Seminar: Narcissism in Relationships


Sunday Worship @ 9am & 10:30am, Livestream @ 9am, WestKids & Nursery @ 9am & 10:30am

 July 13, 2022

 6:30 PM

 Room 203 upper level


In a narcissistic relationship, you feel more like an object and less like a person -- an accessory to someone who uses you for their entertainment. Your pain is their playground.

Whether you're in a relationship with a narcissist, deal with one as your boss, or have one in your family, you want to know the most effective techniques and strategies for releasing yourself from their control, protecting yourself and taking your life back.

Dr. Henry Cloud will help you get back in touch with your feelings and validate them, talk about how to recognize and put a stop to narcissist's mind games, and give you the confidence to set boundaries and move forward with your life.

Dr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert, psychologist, and best-selling author. He draws on his extensive experience in clinical psychology and leadership development, to impart practical and effective advice.