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Sunday Worship @ 9am & 10:30am, Livestream @ 9am, WestKids & Nursery @ 9am & 10:30am

About West Church

West Church has been around for a long time, but one of our distinctive features is that we are real people dealing with real life issues, who believe that God is interested and actively involved in our lives. We’re a mix of those who are exploring faith in Jesus, as well as those who have been his followers for many years, from various walks and stages of life, and from many towns in the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire. That means we’re a pretty active, engaged and varied group of people who care deeply about faith, one another, the greater community and the world.

We’re serious about Jesus. Christianity is much simpler than you might imagine. It’s not about religion, but enjoying a relationship with the living God. So, we want to grow in our relationships with God and with one another, serve together, and help others enjoy Jesus, too.

At West, there are opportunities for you to connect and grow, ways you can find support, places to ask questions, and many people who are probably a lot like you.

If you visit us, be sure to look for our Connection Center – it’s hard to miss! You’ll find lots of information and people who are there to meet you.

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