Annual Spiritual Retreat

February 3, 2018 at 9am - 3pm

West Church Worship Center

Shirley Paz


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Spiritual Retreat 2018

Annual Spiritual Retreat

Growing in the Vine: Shaping Life Intentionally


Jesus described himself as the Vine (John 15), and us as the branches, lovingly tended by his Father the Vine-dresser. How do we allow God to shape us in ways that deepen his life in us, and ours in him, and grow us into the freedom and joy of fruitful calling?


Our day together will include teaching from Dave and Sue Currie, time for individual reflection on living intentionally with God, and small group sharing to hear how we’re each being shaped, as well as how we’re being shaped together.


An opportunity for personal growth and spiritual stretching—Open to all


Lunch and childcare provided for ages 4 and under.